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3G and Next G Dual Sim Mobile Phones   -   DX900 Built for Australian Standards        


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   DX900 Dual Sim Card with GPS


Ph - 1300 781150
Aust Only 7 Days

Acer and Glofiish 3G Dual Sim Mobile

Two SIM cards, two numbers, two sides of your life.
DX900 is the world’s first dual sim card smartphone to support both 3G and 2G SIMs and are completely unlocked.


                     Acer - Glofiish Dual Sim DX900

DX900 smartphone

Acer and Glofiish DX900

 Windows Mobile 6.1

Acer 3G - Next G - Dual Sim Card - Dual Bluetooth
Acer DX900 - Windows Mobile - Wifi - GPS
Acer DX900 - Dual Sim Card Support - HSDPA

Large Icons

Large finger-friendly
button icons

Speed Dial

Speed dial Panel

3D animated icons

3D animated icons

Transition effects

Transition effects

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Twin sim is a brand name of Onedex Communications who specializes in dual sim and 3G dual sim mobile phones including Acer Glofiish DX900

Acer Glofiish DX900 Windows - Acer DX900 WiFi - Acer Dx900 Dual Sim - Acer DX900 GPS - Acer DX900 NextG

3G Acer Glofiish DX900 and 3G mobile phones New Zealand (NZ)

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